The Honorable Pheasant

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What more could an avid outdoorsman and photographer want…..?  It sounds too good to be true – a weekend chasing pheasants, and a day in the studio shooting them (with a camera). If I was smart, I would have brought my camera to the field and snapped a few shots of some accomplished dog work, some heart pounding points, and maybe even an action shot of a rooster breaking through the upland grass.

The truth is, I left my camera at home, I was there to hunt! I also knew I would be shooting them in the studio the very next day (with a camera).

Fellow wild game enthusiast Amy Peterson and I had been planning this shot for over a year. Finally, the stars aligned and we were able to coordinate some great shots of the honorable pheasant! Thank you Amy for a great photo shoot!

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7 Responses to The Honorable Pheasant

  1. A. Peterson says:

    A beautiful photo…for a beautiful bird!

  2. Melissa Holmes says:

    The colors and composition are amazing!

  3. Mike K. says:

    All I can say is “wow”! What a great tribute to the outdoors and game birds in general. A very respectful and humble laudation of the pheasant that is evident in the captured beauty of the birds, whether it is the vibrant colors of their plumage or the beauty of what they provide when dressed for the table. Well done.

  4. Sara B says:

    Truly a beautiful photo – reminiscent of the Dutch masters. Incredible handling of light, color and composition. Well done you two!

  5. sola wong says:

    I remember when my husband would bring back birds after a good hunt. The pride & joy that he was able to put those birds on the table for dinner. Those photos bring back wonderful memory. BTW, I am Richard’s Mom!

  6. Cindy L says:

    Very nice pairing and interesting perspective, from field to table. Beautiful lighting, styling and propping…I hope hope you had a nice bottle of wine to accompany that lovely meal!