Roasted Fall Vegetables

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Artists often look to other “sources” for inspiration leading to their own artistic creative production. Whether it be other people, a memory, a dream, a favorite book or even the way transient light hits a subject etc. – inspirations comes in many forms. The source of inspiration for this recipe shot was influenced by our late October cold snap. That’s right, Sara Bartus (food stylist extraordinaire) and myself were inspired by the cold Minnesota weather.

Think about it – the change in season and the crisp cool air, the sweet smell of fresh fallen leaves, the warm color palettes, the nostalgic sensation you experience when you walk into a cozy home where someone’s been busy roasting and baking fall season delectables! It’s time for Autumn comfort food!

We hope this recipe inspires you to create something of your own!!!!

Sara writes:

“The beauty of fall vegetables is the ease with which you can prepare them. Roasting a variety of root vegetables, alliums, and even fall fruit transforms them into something spectacular. I love roasted vegetables by themselves or served with a simple risotto, and/or try it with your favorite crusty baguette and cheese. Yum!”

Roasted Fall Vegetables
Here’s what I use:

For the drizzle
Olive oil
Locally sourced honey
Fresh Lemon juice

For the veggies
*try to keep the sizes somewhat similar by halving and quartering. Carrots and potatoes will take the longest to cook so don’t cut them too big!
Small red onions
Small apples
Seckel Pears
“You really don’t need a recipe, just use enough “drizzle” to coat the veggies lightly. Roast on a lightly oiled baking sheet at 400 degrees checking every 15 minutes. Towards the end things will move more quickly so keep a wary eye out! Finally, roasted veggies hate being crowded – they should just touch, and definitely shouldn’t be piled on top of one another. If they do, use an extra pan to spread things about a bit. Olive oil with a hint of honey helps to bring out the natural sweetness and a bit of lemon juice keeps the individual flavors bright. Use your favorite woody herb and salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!”

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5 Responses to Roasted Fall Vegetables

  1. What beautiful pictures. Looks very delicious!!

  2. Valerie says:

    Mmm.. Thanks for the inspiration. This recipe has Thanksgiving written all over it! I’ll have to start this weekend to master it! Amazing Sara and Rich! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Looks beautiful enough to eat!

  4. Nanci says:


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